WWE 2K23 Rumors – What’s the Latest?

WWE 2K23 is coming in early 2023, but 2K Sports has been quite silent about what fans can expect from the latest installment in the WWE 2K franchise. However, just because the company has been silent, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of WWE 2K23 rumors circulating.

I hear a lot of things from various sources regarding upcoming video games and the studios behind them. While I usually wait to post anything until I can 100% confirm them through multiple channels, I thought it might be fun to talk about just a few of the things I’ve heard regarding WWE 2K23.

Whether you want to call them rumors or speculation, just remember that I haven’t been able to confirm a lot of this yet for WWE 2K23. There are also some specifics I’m waiting to hear back on, so I chose to leave a few things out. If and when the time comes, I will make an update both here and on Twitter @MikeStrawMedia.

Latest WWE 2K23 Rumors:

  • MyGM will have mid-card singles titles and more customization for players.
  • Controls will remain largely unchanged aside from a couple small mechanic improvements.
  • The only larger gameplay change will come in the form of a new pinning system.
  • Gameplay has received a number of improvements to collision and overall flow.
  • MyFaction will see multiple improvements/additions — nothing specific was told to me, however.
  • Despite it being a desire of the team for a few years now, I wasn’t able to get any information on the potential for the War Games match to finally be in WWE 2K23

What are you hoping to see with WWE 2K23? Let me know below, or on Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “WWE 2K23 Rumors – What’s the Latest?”

  1. Can you find out all the names for the list of Presentation Names in WWE2K23’s Create a Superstar mode?

    I’m looking for these names: Brinkman, Brown, Cara, Carissa, Cindy, Colwell, Cooke, Couch, Francis, Fred, Gains, Garrison, Glen, Grubb, June, Loretta, Miceli, Mishi, Morris, Nina (pronounced 9-na), O’Neil, Philbeck, Placito, Rita, and Sandy.

  2. Mike just wanting to ask, do you know if body part customization, body morphing will be coming back to WWE 2K23, also will female wrestlers be able to have muscular or bodybuilder physiques in WWE 2K23?

  3. Hey Mike are they changing the pin system so we don’t have to tap the button to kick out It was hard to do online especially with somebody with a disability I know I almost broke my controller a couple of times and got my ex button stuck on my PS5

  4. Hey, These are some names both from supercard season 9 which dropped last week, any news on whether they’ll also make the 2K game??


    – Gallows & Anderson (Just returned, so not high hopes)
    – Hit Row
    – Rick Steiner (Scott isn’t in the latest season)
    – Kurt Angle
    – Lita
    – Ricky Steamboat
    – Dusty Rhodes
    – Mr Perfect
    – Rocky Johnson
    – Torrie Wilson
    – Eve Torres
    – Brie Bella
    – Nikka Bella
    – Stevie Ray
    – The Iron Sheik


    – Scott Steiner
    – Emma & Mia Yim
    – Sasha Banks & Naomi
    – Bray Wyatt (Really hope he makes it in the game, as well as supercard soon)

    • Hit Row apparently didn’t have any work done on them for 2K22 despite Top Dolla’s previous comments. But any clue if the completed Bray Wyatt models will make it to 2K23? (Fiend, Firefly, Eater of Worlds ‘19)


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