Answering Reader Questions – WWE, AEW, Buffalo Bills

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media lately about various things, so I decided to just do a Q&A or AMA or whatever you want to call it.

I’m going to simply answer as many reader questions as I can with the information I have. It’s something fun, and something I’d like to do more often if the interest is there. So, without any more delay, let’s get into it.

For some of the latest rumblings I’ve heard about WWE 2K23, check out that post I did on November 30.

Q: When do you think we will have confirmed details on WWE 2K23?

A: By the Royal Rumble at the latest, I’d expect the first confirmed details from 2K Sports directly.

Q: So AEW Fight Forever match types post-launch how would that work?

A: The plans for AEW: Fight Forever have always been to treat it as a “live service” type game after launch. That means wrestlers and match types will be coming as DLC after the game’s release over the next year or so. It’s not going to be an annual series, so this is the best way to keep the game fresh for fans moving forward.

Q: What about a scenario where a talent from AEW leaves for WWE? From my understanding they want FF to last a while, but with talk of talent wanting to go back to WWE, what happens if they go to WWE? Will there be a patch to remove wrestlers from the roster?

A: Like with Cody Rhodes, AEW wants to do right by the fans and keep anyone who was already in the game left alone. The only way I’ve been told a wrestler would be removed is if there is something major regarding that person. But, they are all licensed to be in the game and it’s really no different than when WWE 2K game would release only for a member of the roster to no longer be with the company, and end up elsewhere right after.

Q: Did the new change in management affect 2K23 and will it affect games moving forward or will nothing change?

A: Nothing has really changed. Everything has been business as usually on the games side.

Q: Regarding OBJ, “You really want that headache on your team!?”

A: If he scores touchdowns, wins games, and doesn’t commit crimes…YUP!

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