About Me

If you’re finding this site, I want to first off thank you for following my work all of these years. I’m a veteran journalist who’s spent the last 15 years traveling the United States, Canada, and even to Europe. From covering events such as the NHL Draft to E3 to CES, I’ve been lucky enough to tell some amazing stories while also break news here and there.

My passion for journalism began as a kid when I would come home from school on Mondays and write my own weekly “Sports Paper”. I wrote it, printed it, and walked around the neighborhood putting it in everyone’s mailbox. I was even lucky enough to be selected as a Jr. Sports Reporter for the Buffalo News when I was 10. I got to interview Buffalo Sabres forward Vaclav Varada and do my first actual story. It wasn’t great, obviously, but it made me realize what I loved to do.

I started my career in 2009 freelancing for various small outlets while earning my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from SUNY Buffalo State College. Since then, I’ve contributed to a number of outlets ranging from local newspapers to national online publications.

Some of the outlets I’ve written for include The Hockey Writers, FanSided, Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report, Fightful, PC Invasion, and Sports Gamers Online.

I started MikeStrawMedia.com to take my career in a new, more independent direction. I am able to write on my own schedule about what I want when I want. I’m also able to break more stories as I come into the information.

It will also allow me the platform to share my personal projects, including one I’ve been working on for nearly a year now that I’m excited to bring to the public in the near future.

In addition to this site, my writing can be found at Insider-Gaming.com.

You can find an archive of my past and current writing on the My Work page.

“Fun” facts:

  • In addition to being a journalist, I have a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, and work as a web developer at MikeStrawStudios.com.
  • I’m a trained professional wrestler
  • I was once the 2nd ranked player in the world in NHL 09 on Xbox 360