Update on Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

After it was revealed by the Wrestling Observer that Bad Bunny was in Los Angeles to film a commercial for WWE 2K23, I reached out to a couple of sources on what his involvement in the game would be.

What I got back was that his involvement can be viewed as similar to what Machine Gun Kelly was for WWE 2K22. One source specifically said he was “heavily involved”.

Based on that information — and this is mostly speculation while I await confirmation on specifics — it sounds like not only will Bad Bunny be a playable character at some point, but he’ll be involved with the game’s soundtrack as well.

Once I get confirmation on the specifics of Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23, I’ll be sure to update this post and on Twitter @MikeStrawMedia.

WWE 2K23 is slated to launch by the end of March. As of now, the plan is still to reveal the game in January with the first full trailer scheduled around the Royal Rumble.

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