EA Sports Has Plans For NHL To Return To PC

Since 2009, PC gamers have been void of a fully-fledged NHL video game. While games like Franchise Hockey Manager have come to scratch that itch, it’s not the same for many who are craving for a new game to play on the virtual ice.

If things go according to plan, however, that could be changing sooner rather than later. 

Multiple sources have told me that EA Sports has plans in the works for the NHL franchise to make its way back to PC. 

It’s all a part of the cross-platform work being done by EA with the series. NHL 23 introduces cross-platform play to allow Xbox and PlayStation players to face off in various modes such as the EASHL. The plan from the company is to continue improving that feature to include things like EASHL teams having players from different systems, and more. 

As it’s improved, PC will ultimately see the game’s return. As long as things maintain its current course, EA wants to reintroduce the game to PC when cross-platform is fully functional and all features planned have been implemented. That would allow PC players to have a feature-par experience with those on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Lastly, it was also mentioned that it wouldn’t happen until the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stop seeing yearly releases of the game.

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